Mission and Vision


ALREG’s mission is to contribute to the realisation of secure and reliable transactions with securities from the market risk’s point of view as well as increasing technical security and integrity of the database and their protection in the securities register, by providing an efficient infrastructure, secure registration operations, and clearing and settlement securities as well as drafting clear and consistent rules for their execution.


ALREG’s vision is to create ALREG as a central hub that offers and promotes high standards for the registering process, clearing and settlement of securities in the domestic capital market as well as to be a serious and reliable partner for international counterparties institutions in the securities industry.

Purpose / Objective

The main objective of ALREG is to develop financial support services in the securities industry as well as to create a developed and liquid market in line with European standards and open to cooperate with the same international entities.


ALREG’s strategy focuses on developing services and products, raising the company’s reputation, value and credibility by generating trust in the public and market operators.

The main principle of ALREG on which the establishment will based to provide an efficient, simple and safe infrastructure of operations after trading on or off the stock exchange, which is provided through:

  • A modern and transparent system for managing the registration, clearing and settlement of securities;
  • Continuous implementation of obligations to transfer the ownership of securities and payments;
  • Supporting information after trading securities on and off the stock exchange;
  • Clear and consistent rules for registration, clearing and settlement operations;
    Harmonization of services with best domestic and international market practices.

Innovations offered by ALREG

There are three innovations that ALREG offers:

  • Full service of all procesess (registration-deposit-clearing-settlement)
  • Concentrated provision of securities support service (one-stop-shop)
  • Providing services with modern electronic tools and systems, which are interactive with stock exchange system, banks or other market participants.