Clearing & Settlement

Clearing and Settlement Services

ALREG carries out the entire process of calculating financial liabilities (clearing process) and the final settlement of these liabilities (settlement process) arising from transactions in securities executed on or off stock exchange between specialized financial intermediaries who operate on account of their portfolios, or of their clients;

ALREG performs all services and actions in accordance with the clearing and settlement on its name and of behalf of Clearing and Settlement Members of ALREG but, ALREG will not exercise CCP function (Central Counter Party clearing house).

The final funds settlement is realized through the AIPS system of the Bank of Albania between the accounts of the members in this system. ALREG helps throught the system funds neting that come from the calculation of settlement obligations, in that way that only the net value of the amount is owed to each Clearing and Settlement Members of ALREG .

The transfer of cash liquidity in ALREG is done on nett basis, while the transfer of securities is done on gross basis. Trading liabilities in securities and funds are settled on the second day T + 2 after the end of the Trade.